Aaron Guetterman and How He Aims to Train New TLG Agents

Aaron Guetterman is one of the top agents and leaders at The Leazer Group, or TLG. This organization was originally founded by Art Leazer, who remains its head today. It offers financial products to individuals through its agents, like Guetterman. Meanwhile, agents have the opportunity to grow into management positions, where they lead a team of agents. This is because the focus for TLG is on leadership, developing individuals who not only secure the financial future of their clients, but their own as well.

Each year, TLG organizes the Summer Leadership Conference, which this year will be held on July 21 and 22, 2017 at the Raleigh Convention Center. Those interested in attending the event can purchase tickets through the TLG website. These tickets will provide them with entrance to the event, where they can take part in workshops and listen to agent speakers, including Aaron Guetterman. There are also limited VIP tickets available, which provide people with access to three meals on each day, the final meal being a private dinner session that will be attended by Art Leazer himself, Aaron Guetterman, and other top agents for TLG. This will give them an opportunity to speak directly to Leazer and the top agents and get inspired.

For Guetterman, the summer conference is something that everyone should attend. He remembers attending his first conference, describing it as a life changing event. In fact, that is a sentiment experienced by many who have attended before. What sets Guetterman apart, however, is that he has now developed into one of the top agents, meaning that he is now one of those offering those life changing experiences to others. 

Guetterman now truly embodies the four key areas of focus of TLG. The first focus is on innovation. TLG describes itself as a “people and tech company.” They work within the field of insurance sales, but they have set themselves apart from others by moving outside of the traditional tools and technology. Instead, they use new and innovative technology, including social media, and this is what has set the company apart.

The second focus is on financial independence. For TLG, the goal is to help clients become financially independent. At the same time, the company wants to encourage all agents to grow and develop so that they can create a six figure income, which can help them become financially independent too. In fact, once they reach the top, they can earn a sufficiently big passive income that allows them to never set foot in an office again. 

The third focus is on product portfolio. TLG selects each product and each carrier very carefully. This ensures that all products are truly the best available today. For instance, they offer Index Universal Life, Annuities, Final Expense, and Mortgage Protection. These are Guetterman’s particular areas of expertise, and he has helped to handpick some of the carriers at TLG, which include Transamerica, Forester Financial, and the Columbian Financial Group.

Finally, the fourth focus is on leadership. TLG believes in building a winning team and that, in doing so, they will be better able to serve their clients as well. Hence, they invest heavily in their coaching staff, which tend to be people, like Aaron Guetterman, who have risen through the ranks. All coaches are expected to be sincere and to deliver high-quality training. All TLG agents have access to a sophisticated selling system, which they are trained to use effectively. They also continuously receive the highest quality leadership and support.

At the Summer Leadership Conference, Guetterman aims to embody these four areas of focus. He wants to inspire those who attend the conference to take control of their own life and become financially independent while offering others the opportunity to do the same. This is the uniqueness of TLG, in as such that its agents are its clients as well, in a sense. They use the financial products that are available, thereby understanding them first hand. In so doing, they are assured that the products are truly the best for their clients.

People interested in the Summer Leadership Conference are encouraged to book their tickets as soon as possible. The available slots are limited and tickets are being sold fast. This is particularly true for the VIP tickets, of which only a few are available. Furthermore, preference for VIP tickets will go to those who have signed up for the VIP packages. Hence, those who want to be able to come face to face with Leazer, Guetterman and the other leaders, must move quickly.

Source: Aaron Guetterman