ACC Changes the International Digital Currency Development Paradigm in Japan, Which will be Followed by Super Nodes Worldwide

TOKYO, July 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Yesterday ACC currency ( was launched on the Japan transaction platform, where enormous numbers of users flocked into the platform for membership registration and transactions once it was launched, suggesting that ACC currency issued by China Blockchain Team contained a strong foundation of members beforehand.

It is known that ACChain team have had road shows in America, UK, Canada etc, which regained the recognition of international key blockchain organizations. Furthermore, the business model of ACChain has not only obtained a good reputation in China, but also has won the support from several other countries worldwide. With the mature operation of ACC, an increasing number of countries will participate in its operation system subsequently. At present, international node tokens including American RET, Chinese NPC, Cambodian K Money and so on have been launched in succession, which play a promoting role for the digitization circulation of resources. And this is exactly the core of ACChain’s business model. From the transaction data of the Japanese Neraex website, ACC has achieved a good deal of trading volume at the beginning of the launch, furthermore, its performances have laid a solid foundation for the follow-up digital currency in other countries.

ACChain Team said that, “We have kept in touch with key blockchain organizations in various countries, and then ACC will be launched in other major trading platforms like Canada, paving the way for the circulation and developments of international node tokens like RET. Of course, ACC fights with others, with comprehensive arrangements covering China, America, UK and Japan. ACC aims to be a global digital domestic currency for monetary settlement. Japan, as the first station of ACC transaction, will be the development paradigm of international digital currency as well as an important reference for ACC for its further development.”

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