A Night of Pure Magic with the Special Olympics

Orlando, FL, December 23, 2016 –(PR.com)– An evening that exemplified the true spirit of the holidays: full of joy, sharing, and sharing joy, December 16th proved to be Pure Magic for the athletes of Special Olympics Florida’s basketball team, as they joined The Physiatric Fitness Center, for their Holidays & Hoops: V.I.P Magic Game Box event this past Friday. It’s safe to say that it was beyond a pleasant affair, as attendees left with smiles as bright as the court lights, by the end of the Magic versus Nets game.

The guests of honor included, Special Olympics Florida’s basketball players, as well as some of Special Olympics Florida’s coaches, assistant coaches, and directors. The trip, from the meet-up point in the GEICO Garage, over the bridge and into the Amway Center, presented a continuous buildup of suspense, as the athletes were guided towards their very own V.I.P. box, President Suite 26, their exclusive suite for the night where all magic happened.

They were joined by The Physiatric Fitness Center staff, as everyone cheered on their favorite teams. With the majority of attendees being very vocal about their love for Orlando Magic, it was all fun and games for the Special Olympics athletes as they received numerous surprise visits throughout the game. From their first visitor, STUFF the Magic Dragon (the infamous Magic mascot), to getting individual photos with the Orlando Magic Dancers when they stopped in for a meet-and-greet, to Santa surprising everyone with a little boost of holiday cheer, there was plentiful of action, both on the court, and off the court.

What was truly impeccable was the undeniable sense of team spirit that the athletes demonstrated. Especially, during the final quarter, when Orlando Magic and Brooklyn Nets were consistently head-to-head with their scores, the athletes broke out their best dance moves in honor of their team’s suspenseful last-minutes, which turned out to be a victory dance by the end of the game. Special Olympics’ oath states: “Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in my attempt.” When it comes to these particular Special Olympics athletes’ way of life, they definitely extend the oath with, the more fun, the merrier.

Dr. Nicholas Henderson, the lead Physiatrist at The Physiatric Fitness Center, who coordinated the Holidays & Hoops event, expressed his deepest gratitude for the evening and the sublime time all of the guests had, as well as how pleased he was with the opportunity and outcome of the entire affair. The doctor recalled the evening as a wonderful experience, sharing that: “The Holiday and Hoops Event was amazing! The Physiatric Fitness staff and The Special Olympics athletes had a great time. We were visited by the mascot Stuff, the cheerleaders, even Santa Claus, and the live camera crew. Each one really got the athletes excited… The combination of all of those things was amazing! The Magic won, to put the cherry on the top!”

He also shared that the Special Olympics athletes, and their attitudes, are a true inspiration and motivation for him, stating that: “I enjoy working with the Special Olympics because they give me energy and motivation. The athletes are dedicated to being the best they can be and it motivates me to do the same. No excuses!”

The game concluded with a win for the Magic, that helped end the night with extended acts of celebration, as the attendees said their goodbyes and parted ways. As for the Special Olympics crew, everyone made sure to express their biggest ‘thank yous’ for their night of Pure Magic. If you would like to know more information regarding the Special Olympics, and the work that the organization does, or to donate to the foundation, you can learn more at: www.specialolympics.org