A Real Nifty Way to Secure Your Luggage during Holiday Travel

    PEMBROKE PINES, FL, December 16, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — Travel during the holidays is set to break record levels in the U. S. The fun and colorful luggage labels BAGPATCH make it easy for travelers to find their luggage among a sea of similar looking bags when they arrive at their destination. The peel-and-stick fabric labels reduce bag theft and mix ups at the carousel.

Exim Multiproducts, Inc. is offering a 33% discount on BAGPATCH labels during the holiday season. The offer extends to all BAGPATCH products available for purchase on Amazon.The practical luggage labels, with catchy phrases woven in neon colors, enjoy 5-Star ratings.

Brenda Noah-Navarro, creator of BAGPATCH, said “We want to spread the holiday cheer to everyone who is traveling by air, boat, rail and bus. With the 33% discount, a set of two BAGPATCH labels will ring at only $7.99. It’s very inexpensive peace of mind.”

According to a recent survey by Booking.com(TM), the possibility that luggage will be lost is one of the major concerns people experience when traveling. It’s third on the list of top causes of anxiety among American travelers. Lost luggage will spoil any vacation, holiday or business trip.

When you don’t see your checked bag on the carousel a sinking feeling sets in followed by panic. Imagine the hassle of losing your belongings and precious gifts you carefully selected for friends and family.

Brenda Noah-Navarro added “Only about 25% of passengers regularly use bag tags or some kind of luggage ID. Luggage tags and ribbons fall off and paper tags get wet. Passengers can minimize the chance of theft or lost luggage during the busy holiday season with BAGPATCH.”

These unique travel accessories are not only affordable but practical. They are the perfect stocking filler and make ideal gifts for co-workers, friends and family. The amusing phrases will surely make them smile.

Here’s what a satisfied customer had to say about BAGPATCH “… now I breeze through the baggage claim process. No more jostling to get a front line position at the carousel. I can sit back and easily spot my bag and not worry that my luggage will be picked up by mistake. It’s a small detail, but at the end of a long jet-lagged trip it’s one less thing to worry about. BAGPATCH helps a traveler’s peace of mind!”