Alluring Elite Salon Sets The Stage For Its Grand Opening

Alluring Elite Salon CEO - Sonya Stevenson

Alluring Elite Salon CEO – Sonya Stevenson

KATY, TexasDec. 16, 2016PRLog — She’s considered one of the best in the industry… she’s experienced, reliable, educational, informative and well in demand. Many are calling her one of the best hair stylist of 2017. CEO / Founder of Alluring Elite Salon Sonya Stevenson. Residing in the suburbs of Houston Texas, the crafted, entertainment hair stylist has made her mark in the industry. Growing up watching her grandmother, aunts and other family members in bark on a family talent, Sonya new from a young age that she wanted to take her talents and skills to a higher level. Graduating from cosmetology school, Sonya begin soaring throughout the Texas area as one of the best hair designers. She quickly found her niche, her mark, her brand.

After learning and perfecting her craft, she embarked on the possibility of starting her own hair styling company. Being a strong, dedicated entrepreneur for several years, building up a incredible client base, being known as the go to hair designer just wasn’t enough for her. She wanted more and she knew just where to find it. She enlisted assistance from friend and colleague industry filmmaker Chris Donaldson of  AME Production Group. Chris Donaldson is known for his work with celebrity stars like friend and business partner the late actor / producer Tommy Ford, (Martin Lawrence) Greg Allen Williams, Ginuwine, Charles Dutton, Mya, Bill Bellamy, Rodney Perry, Legend Alyson Williams, industry networks such as; HBO, Starz, Encore, CBS to name a few. Mr. Donaldson knew of her talents as a hair stylist and expressed the opportunities to work on various film and television sets.  This was one opportunity Sonya couldn’t pass up. After pondering such a great opportunity of working as a hair stylist for celebrities on various movie sets, Sonya still wanted to give her community she’s known so well and that have supported her for years a greater opportunity as well. Thats her reasoning for opening the doors of Alluring Elite Salon. A 10,000 plus square ft luxury beauty salon with the state of the art equipment. A full blown one – stop -shop where you can get your hair styled, professional nails, pedicures done, makeup and massage suites, comforting lounge rooms and more. ” I fell in love with hair designing and fashion over 15 years ago. I’ve honed my craft and truly enjoy the smiles, emotions and confidence my clients have on their faces after our styling session is complete. Therefore I really just wanted to build Alluring Elite Salon full house for them and other women and men alike. Alluring Elite Salon is my baby. I’m honored to have this opportunity to build this company, this brand and I’m honored and humbled to give back to my city, my communties. My objective is to bring a incredible, postive, beautiful feeling to all our clients. and to give back to my communties by teaching, showing and employing others to what God has given me.” says Sonya.

Alluring Elite Salon is set to open its doors in the Houston metropolitan area early 2017. It will be under taking major construction. But if this projected hollywood style salon is anything like its owner, Its Well Worth The Wait.

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