Cruz Beckham releases his controversial debut video

The Christmas song genre is a difficult domain to break into with such a range of established classics to compete with. New entries in 2016 so far include Cruz Beckham?s If Every Day Was Christmas released on December 7, and now also, Ollie McKendrick?s less-traditional, Have an Alright Christmas. With lower levels of enthusiasm than most songs dedicated to festive cheer, McKendrick sings ?have a perfectly adequate time please, have a tolerable Christmas my sweet. Have an alright Christmas for me?. While it doesn?t follow the typical requirements of the Christmas carol genre, McKendrick?s lower-key festive tune is quite catchy. Credit: Twitter/Ollie McKendrick via Storyful

Cruz dances adorably with fake snow and rainbow glitter.

IF you didn’t know it already, the second youngest child of British superstars David and Victoria Beckham is actually a pretty good singer.

11-year old Cruz Beckham caught the eye of a number of record labels back in April when his parents posted a quick video of him singing the Cups song, When I’m Gone.

Cruz released his first single, a Christmas themed tune, on December 7 with all proceeds going to the children’s charity Global’s Make Some Noise.

The song, entitled If Everyday Was Christmas is a sweet tune about wishing it was always Christmas with his love interest.

Cruz sings about wishing he could spend Christmas with someone everyday.

Cruz sings about wishing he could spend Christmas with someone everyday.Source:YouTube

Cruz appeared on London’s Capital FM last week to promote the single saying “it’s amazing. It’s two of my favourite things — singing and Christmas — and it’s amazing to put those together and the money is going to charity.”

The video, posted today, features plenty of rainbow glitter and fake snow and includes retro-filtered shots of London city.

If you’re a fan of fake snow, you’ll love Cruz’s video.

If you’re a fan of fake snow, you’ll love Cruz’s video.Source:YouTube

Cruz is also seen riding his skateboard over fairy lit bridges with his older brother Brooklyn and playing with his two other siblings Romeo and Harper.

The Beckham boys and harper made cameos in the video.

The Beckham boys and harper made cameos in the video.Source:YouTube

17-year Brooklyn has been extremely supportive of his baby brother, posting teasers and promos to his 8.8 Instagram followers.

While the single was made with the sole motivation of raising money for charity, it hasn’t been without its critics.

Piers Morgan was one of the most vocal when the first video was posted back in April calling Victoria and David “shameless.”

The April clip was also spotted by Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun who signed the youngster this month.

Braun also jumped to the defence of Cruz’s music career as Piers Morgan again slammed the Beckham family for putting him in the spotlight at such a young age.

The fight broke out on Twitter with Piers writing, “He’s an 11-yr-old child being cynically pimped out by his famous parents with your collusion. Be proud Scooter!”

Scooter sniped back saying “How about you match him dollar for dollar to the charity? Instead of criticising step up and help these kids the way Cruz is.”

Braun ended the longwinded Twitter feud by tweeting “I can’t stand bullies.”

All of the Beckham children have begun to earn their place in the spotlight.

14-year old Romeo has already built a respectable modelling portfolio having already done campaigns with Burberry

The Beckham boys are all in the spotlight for different reasons.

The Beckham boys are all in the spotlight for different reasons.Source:Supplied

The oldest Beckham child Brooklyn is a keen photographer and is set to release his first book What I See next year, which will consist of up to 300 photos taken by the young photographer.

Watch Cruz’s adorable Christmas video below.

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