Dr. Nick Nicholson Talks About Bariatric Surgery and Pregnancy: What Women Need to Know

    PLANO, TX, December 15, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — Women who are obese are likely to find that conception is just a little bit harder for them than their counterparts who maintain lower weights. They are also likely to learn from their healthcare providers that addressing weight before trying to conceive can improve their chances of a positive outcome for both themselves and their babies. Weight loss surgery is an effective way to attain the goal, but there are a few things prospective mothers need to know.

“Studies have shown that weight loss surgery prior to conception can enhance fertility for some women,” says Dr. Nick Nicholson, founder and lead surgeon at the Nicholson Clinic for Weight Loss Surgery. “Weight loss prior to conception can also improve the outcomes for women and their children when they do become pregnant. Research has shown that women who undergo bariatric procedures are less likely to require cesarean deliveries. In addition, concerns related to high birth weight babies drop as do risk factors for other complications related to both mothers and babies.”

A recent study that tracked the outcomes of more than 11,000 women who had undergone bariatric surgery prior to pregnancy added to the body of evidence that supports weight loss prior to conception. Aside from other risk factors that were improved, the cesarean rate for bariatric patients was very telling. This type of delivery was required for about 39 percent of the women who had undergone surgery to address obesity. The cesarean rate for obese women who had not undergone weight loss surgery was 60 percent.

“Bariatric surgery can help women address obesity while improving their chances for a healthy pregnancy outcome,” says Dr. Nicholson. “Women, however, do need to be aware that bariatric surgery is not an immediate solution. It is recommended that women wait at least a year to conceive to safeguard their health during pregnancy.”

The wait time is recommended so that the strongest period of active weight loss following surgery passes before women conceive. In addition, it is recommended that women who undergo weight loss procedures, such as the gastric bypass, work very closely with their healthcare providers to ensure adequate nutrition during pregnancy for themselves and their unborn children.

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