Saint Louis Based RV Karma Unveils New Online RV Community Apps

RV Karma based in St Louis Missouri releases for public use their new online apps.

Saint Louis, MO, December 18, 2016 –(– RV News site, Saint Louis based RV Karma, adds multiple new apps for use by their online RV community.

RV Karma staff, when spoken to in their St Louis office about the new additions to the RV Karma website, were eager to demonstrate the new additions.

RV Karma’s live chat module has been added to the St Louis based RV Karma’s online available apps. As one staff member pointed out though, “This app can only be accessed by registered users.” In looking at the technology behind RV Karma’s live chat module, it was shown to them that there is no archiving of the live chats logs. RV Karma’s live chat only maintains the last 30 comments entered. Making RV Karma’s end users conversations more secure as they are not available after the conversation ends. The staff in their St Louis office were also eager to demonstrate the security behind their live chat with SSL/Encryption and http header manipulation, making it a very secure and private platform for the St Louis-based RV Karma’s live chat.

Sitting behind the same encryption though is another one of RV Karma’s RV community available apps, RV Karma’s Forums. Implemented by the St Louis office RV Karma staff, RV Karma Forums gives their end users a place to communicate as a community and to maintain dialog for future use.

Integrated into the RV Karma Forum is another sub-app that the Saint Louis based RV Karma staff were keen to show.

The RV Karma Knowledge base. In recognizing that the RV community, as new members emerged, had the same questions and concerns as a lot of the RV’ers before them. As an example, a common questions is: “Can we use normal toilet paper in our RV or do we have to use Stotts?” With no available knowledge base to store this information, the questions are asked over and over again in forums that change and are difficult to search and navigate.

Saint Louis-based RV Karma has come up with a solution to that by adding a Knowledge base sub app to their RV Karma Forum. Now questions can be asked and answers provided that are static and freely available to everyone.

RV Karma provides these apps and access to there site free of charge. There is no paid membership at RV Karma. All registrations are free giving instant access to the many feature of the RV Karma online resources.

To access these apps or to just look around, Saint Louis based RV Karma can be accessed online at