Savage Group Consulting Breakdown Jim Rohn's 6 Steps to Planning Success

    WEST PALM BEACH, FL, December 22, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — Born in the mid-1900s to an Idaho farming family, Jim Rohn was taught to have an exceptional work ethic that saw him make his first fortune by the age of 30. When he moved to Beverly Hills, he was asked by his best friend to share his success story at the Rotary Club. His story was so well received that more and more people wanted to hear it and started paying to hear it. From the Rotary Club, he went on to speak at high schools and colleges and then moved onto seminars in 1963. It was then that Jim Rohn decided to launch himself into the personal development business.

About Savage Group Consulting:

Jim Rohn focusses on the fundamentals of human behaviour that most affect personal and business performance. Savage Group Consulting regularly host seminars that focus on how the traits of a person’s behavior can affect how successful they are. The firm recently held a workshop to discuss plans for 2017 and referenced Jim Rohn’s six steps to planning for success. Here, the company expand on the steps:

1. Develop the right plan for you:

Each person is unique and motivated by different factors, so it is important that a plan is developed to for each particular person. Savage Group Consulting work with their sales contractors on an individual basis when making short term and long term business plans.

2. Set a specific time to work on the plan:

Parts of the scheme should be accomplished every week, and they should be specific and achievable. Savage Group Consulting have set times throughout the week for individuals to work on their plan and seek advice and help from mentors and peers.

3. Keep a diary:

Be sure to record ideas and inspirations that will act as motivation. Savage Group Consulting teach their sales contractors always to have the ability to take notes when attending meetings, seminars and conferences or when listening to inspirational people speak.

4. Reflect:

Take some time at the end of the day to go back over what was learned and significant. Savage Group Consulting always finish the day with a de-brief to reflect on what went well that day.

5. Set goals:
Setting goals will be the greatest influence on a person’s future. Savage Group Consulting work with their sales contractors to set goals that will help individuals move in the direction that they want to go.

6. Act on the plan:

Successful people simply work the plan. Savage Group Consulting teach their sales contractors great working habits to ensure goals are achieved.

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