Skye from Big Brother now unrecognisable

Ryan Ginns has edged out fellow finalists Travis Lunardi and Skye Wheatley-Young to take out 2014’s Big Brother. Courtesy Channel 9

The Big Brother contestant has undergone a dramatic transformation since her time on the show two years ago.

FORMER Big Brother contestant Skye Wheatley is barely recognisable from the smiley blonde who appeared on the show two years ago.

The 22-year-old, who came third in the 2014 season of the reality series, has undergone a serious image overhaul since her TV stint — and has been documenting her ever-changing look via social media, admitting that she’s “chasing perfection.”

The sometime model underwent a nose reconstruction in a Double Bay surgery two weeks ago, and in the past has spoken out about having lip fillers, and travelling to Bangkok in 2015 for breast augmentation surgery. She later needed to go under the knife again to repair the ‘botched’ surgery.

With host Sonia Kruger as she entered the Big Brother house.

With host Sonia Kruger as she entered the Big Brother house.Source:Supplied

Skye made it all the way to the Big Brother grand finale, placing third in the contest.

Skye made it all the way to the Big Brother grand finale, placing third in the contest.Source:Supplied

“I’ve lost all my confidence and I never want to get naked with a boy again. I hate what that surgeon has done to me,” she told The Daily Telegraph after the 2015 overseas trip.

“If I had listened to mum and not gone to Thailand to have my boobs done, they’d be perfect.”

Donning a dark wig for her latest Instagram shots, the former Big Brother housemate is barely recognisable from her TV days:


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While she listed her profession as ‘barista’ when she entered the Big Brother house two years ago, Wheatley has managed to turn her 15 minutes of fame into a social media career — she has amassed more than a quarter of a million Instagram followers, regularly updating them on her activities as a model and makeup artist and sharing what appear to be frequent sponsored posts.

In a lengthy video posted to her YouTube channel a fortnight ago, Wheatley announced her intention to get a nose job while preaching a message of ‘inner beauty.’

“It’s something that I’ve always been insecure about, but it’s not necessarily noticeable to others,” she told viewers, explaining that the surgery would focus on her nostrils.

“If I can become more confident and feel more comfortable within my own skin and my own nose, then that’s awesome for me.”

“I’m chasing something that’s impossible, really. I would love to be perfect.”

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