The Plato Group: The 5 Unwritten Rules of Motivation

    MIAMI, FL, December 16, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — Business owner, entrepreneur and MD at The Plato Group, Steve Dongo argues that motivation isn’t something you’re born with. When speaking on the subject, Mr Dongo stated; “People are not naturally motivated. Motivation is something that can be cultivated, and therefore people can choose to do something to improve their level of motivation and take steps to progress their career.”

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This week, MD at the Plato Group, Mr Dongo unveiled his guide to the unwritten rules of motivation.

1. Start small

While it is important to think about the bigger picture, setting goals that are too big and unachievable can quickly result in loss of motivation. The Plato Group advocate the importance of breaking down goals into small milestones to help keep someone on track and maintain motivation.

2. Remember your “why”

“Remembering your reason “why” is the number one driving force of motivation,” said Mr Dongo. The Plato Group MD went on to state that without remembering why you are doing something people can feel like there is no reason to pursue their goals when times get tough.

3. Your vision of what’s possible will keep you going

“Many people are guilty of starting and stopping because they can’t envision the bigger picture,” said Mr Dongo. The Plato Group MD argues that if someone wants to stay motivated, then they have to keep the vision of what’s possible in their mind.

4. Habits are the fuel for motivation

“The best way to maintain motivation, especially in the beginning, is to turn your goals into actionable steps that are carried out daily.” Stated Mr Dongo. At The Plato Group, they argue that good habits, repeated daily, is vital for achieving your goals and that is something they teach to their employees. Mr Dongo urged budding entrepreneurs to use habits to keep them moving forward.

5. Celebrate the small victories

It can be easy to become disheartened and lose focus when the bigger picture seems so far out of reach, and Mr Dongo believes that one of the crucial elements of maintaining motivation is first, to break down goals into small, actionable steps, and second, to celebrate the small victories along the way. “Celebrating small victories helps someone to recognize the progress they are making and keeps them focussed and motivated.” Said Mr Dongo.

One of Mr Dongo’s biggest passions is sharing his knowledge with budding entrepreneurs, and helping people to progress. He believes that understanding motivation, and learning how to achieve and maintain it, is pivotal for someone to achieve success.

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