The top 21 New Media Films and Content for 2017 includes Web Series, TV and Episodic

(Los Angeles, CA) – There were new learning experiences for everyone at the 8th New Media Film Festival which has always been on the cutting edge of film making and this year did not disappoint. Susan Johnston, Founder/Director, New Media Film Festival always makes sure that Film Fest impresses international audiences with its diverse genres and cutting edge methods of storytelling – from web series, 3D, 360, AR, AI, 5D to VR. There were Eighty-seven (87) new media films and content from 34 countries and outer space shown at festival along with 29 World Premieres, 11 US Premieres and 21 L.A. Premieres.

These are the top 21 New Media Films and Content for 2017 includes Web Series, TV and Episodic:

Best of the Best: The Dark & The Wounded directed by James Picard and Jeff Dean. Country: Canada, USA


Best 3D: Chrysalis directed by Ina Conradi and Mark Chavez, Country: Singapore

 Best Animation: Bosatsu – Year of The Dragon directed by Siddharth Ahluwalia, Country: USA

Best App: Recontact: Instanbul directed by Eray Dinc, Country: Turkey


Best Digital Comic: The Nothing Spirit Written by Grace Fioree, Country: USA


Best Documentary: The World of Games, Revealed directed by Jeremy Snead, Country: USA

 Best Drone: Running into air directed by Sebastian Wöber, Country: Austria

Best Feature: Non – Transferable directed by Brendan Bradley, Country: Turkey, USA

Best Mobile/Tablet: Cuba Libre directed by Felixe de Becker and Colin Bates, Country: Cuba

Best Music Video: Inertia by Orfan Inspired by the sentiments of Werner Herzog directed by Ted Beagles, Country: UK

Best New Media:

My Millennial Life directed by Maureen Judge, Country: Canada

Best Pilot: Adventure Travel directed by Ho Kwok Man, Berry, Country: Hong Kong

Best Script: Render written by Kirill Kiselev, Country: USA

Best Short: Mate directed by Tom Connolly, Country: UK

Best Snipler – 30 Second Pitch: Life Interrupted directed by Steven Wishnoff, Country: USA

Best SRC – Socially Responsible Content: Ode to Lesvos directed by Talal Derki, Country: Greece

Best Steam: Adrift directed by Cath Le Couteur, Country: USA and space


Best Student: Aeon a 3D Student Film directed by Derek O’Dell, Country: USA

Best Trailer: Dream Big: Engineering Our World directed by Greg MacGillivray, Country: Space and USA

Best Virtual Reality: Et Moi – 360 directed by Herman Fredlund, Country: Sweden

Best Web Series:  You are nothing Ep 3 directed by Mike Stivala and Mark Travis, Country: USA


About The New Media Film Festival

Founded in 2009 by Susan Johnston, Director of New Media Film Festival, she is known as a Media Futurist. The New Media’s mission and objective is to honor stories worth telling.   The New Media Film Festival constantly introduces new technology; communication of ideas through panels and Q & A’s to implement a more expansive use of 21st technology in storytelling for artists and content creators.

Hailed for making “the cutting edge accessible” by Huffington Post, The New Media Film Festival celebrates the ever-changing world of new media. As noted by Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Matthew Modine, “New technologies have empowered and enabled creators outside of a studio or network system to make their own movies and develop cutting edge entertainment. Affordable cameras and editing software allow artists to create and express their skills for a multitude of new distribution platforms. We are presently witness to how storytelling is being redefined in the 21st Century. New Media Film Festival highlights and showcases what will come next.” The 9th Annual New Media Film Festival will be June 12-14 2018 in Los Angeles. CA

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