Tomboy Princess: Women's Fitness Motivation and Apparel Brand has Returned after a 1.5 Year Hiatus

    FAYETTEVILLE, NC, December 22, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — After some time away from the fitness retail circuit, Tomboy Princess is putting itself back in full swing. In mid-October, it was made public that Tomboy Princess would be re-opening. The news came as a shock to many, but a welcomed one. Tomboy Princess friends and fans expressed their excitement about the fitness line’s return.

Tomboy Princess first started in 2013. Initially, the online store featured tank tops with motivational and inspirational designs and sayings. It gained popularity quickly and, then, was opened up to take on sponsored athletes, ambassadors, and affiliates. Unfortunately, Tomboy Princess began to experience difficulty in fulfilling orders. COO, Tyrrel Walker, stated: “We couldn’t fill orders quickly enough, which is a great problem to have. But, working with distributors who don’t share your urgency or passion to fulfill orders and keep customers happy makes things hard. I think Jean was feeling the pressure.”

Ultimately, Tomboy Princess closed its shop in 2014 after a year of business. Many were saddened to hear of the closing, and others were even disappointed. Friends and fans of Tomboy Princess believed so strongly in the personality and character of the brand, so it was very difficult to cut ties.

Now, Tomboy Princess is working diligently to restore its good name and recruit more believers. Supporting women, of all ages, who lead healthy, fit, and happy lives, Tomboy Princess has introduced several new items. Tank tops are still a staple in the inventory, but now, one can also enjoy crop tanks, crop tees, short-sleeve tees, long-sleeve tees, hoodies, leggings, hats, mojo pillows, and inspirational wall art.

Tomboy Princess carries women’s sizes from extra-small (XS) to double-extra-large (2XL). Girls sizes are extra-small to extra-large (XL). While most items are directly related to the fit life, some are more of the novelty-type, currently trending/popular items. Instead of releasing new items sporadically, Tomboy Princess releases bundles of new items on the 9th day of each month.

The Royal Court of Tomboy Princess is always accepting applications for sponsored athletes, ambassadors, and affiliates. Not only do athletes and ambassadors receive great discounts and other benefits, but all titles and stations also receive money back on purchases completed via their individual affiliate links. The Royal Court gives everyone a chance to make some extra cash.

To shop and join the Royal Court at Tomboy Princess, just visit Any inquiries may be addressed to

Heading up the Tomboy Princess team are co-founders, Tyrrel and Jean Walker. Tyrrel Walker is the Chief Operations Officer and husband to Tomboy Princess CEO, Jean Walker.