Viewers Take Control of Live Streams with

StreamQuest launches its platform. The first service allowing viewers of live streams (Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook, etc.) to participate to the shows.

Viewers Take Control of Live Streams with

Bordeaux, France, December 15, 2016 –(– Creating quests, how StreamQuest works?
A unique experience for streamers and their audience. By creating tailor made quests and sending them to their favourite streamers, the viewers can challenge them and test their abilities and their will to interact with their audience.

For the registered streamers, StreamQuest is a 100% custom experience. They can chose which quest they want to accomplish, setup their live alerts and animate their show in an original manner while enjoying an additional source of revenues.

Every streaming platform is compatible and PC or console streamers will be able to enjoy the experience.

Innovation and hosting, why they’ve created StreamQuest?
Offering original content, winning the loyalty of their audience and fund their activity, such are the daily challenges for streamers. Viewers are fickle and they ask for interactions with their favorite streamers (crowded chats and simple donations are not enough to create a bond). StreamQuest offers a new solution to hosting live streams and answer the desire of viewers to be more involved in the shows. All of this in the form a game, any takers?

Who’s is behind StreamQuest? Gamers for more than 25 years.
David and Antoine, friends and famers from more than 25 years. A professional programmer and a real start upper, the other one is an entrepreneur and a former investment banker. They are working on a common idea and a common passion: mixing gaming and streaming.

You want to try StreamQuest? Signup now on Quests will be starting soon (Jan 1st 2017). Be prepared.

Launching contest:
In order to help you wait before your first quest, participate to our big giveaway and try to win a PS4 Pro and an XBox One S with Battlefield 1 and a Streamer Kit (HyperX Cloud, Logitech c920 pro and an Avermedia LGP Lite), the raffle will be on Christmas day. Register on