Why Ben Affleck is still angry about ‘Bennifer’

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have stirred rumors that they’re back together, but the actress just refers to her situation as a “modern family” and Ben as a “friend.”

Ben Affleck blames his relationship with Jennifer Lopez for the enduring bad press surrounding their film Gigli.

THEY were once one of the hottest couples in Hollywood, but Ben Affleck is pretty angry about the legacy of his time with Jennifer Lopez.

Affleck, 44, vented about his highly-publicised relationship with the pop star during a TimesTalks forum in New York City this week.

The Oscar winner and Lopez, 47, began dating in 2002 after meeting on the set of box-office bomb Gigli, and became engaged before splitting up for good in 2004.

“It could have been a bad movie no one cared about. Angelina Jolie had a bad movie that year and no one cared. But it was because I was dating Jennifer Lopez that made it a big f**king deal. So not only was it just a bad movie but ‘they dated each other’,” Affleck said.

“There was a reporter doing stand-up in front of the theatre that Friday morning, [saying] ‘Here I am outside of Gigli, and as you can see, no one is here in line’,” he continued. “I was like, ‘What is this, hurricane coverage?’”

Following their dramatic breakup, Affleck fell in love with Jennifer Garner, who starred alongside him in Pearl Harbor and Daredevil.

Garner and Affleck have three kids together.

Garner and Affleck have three kids together.Source:News Corp Australia

The pair married in 2005 and are parents to Violet, 11, Seraphina, 7, and son Samuel, 4. They announced their split in June 2015.

Affleck paid tribute to Garner when asked during the TimesTalks about the most defining moment of his life.

“In my career or otherwise, it is the birth of my children. The entrance of my children into the world,” he said. “It’s a joy to hang out with them. I think the meaning of life is to make good people.”

He added: “[Jennifer is] the greatest mum in the world.”


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