Women of Distinction Magazine Selects Sheila Slocum as a Distinguished Professional in Her Field

    SUFFOLK, VA, December 15, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — Sheila Slocum, Massage Therapist and Founder and CEO of Hands On Massage, has been recognized as a Distinguished Professional in her field through Women of Distinction Magazine. Sheila Slocum will be featured in an upcoming edition of the Women of Distinction Magazine’s Top 10 in Health and Wellness edition in 2016/2017.

Going back to school after her children were grown, Sheila Slocum explored the field of massage therapy. Having previous experience working for a chiropractor’s office as a receptionist and often massaging clients waiting to see the doctor, it was a hobby that she thoroughly enjoyed.

Completing her schooling at Casey Ruby School of Massage, Slocum is now a Reiki Master, Certified Lymphatic Therapist, Certified Pregnancy Therapist, is TMJ certified, and Advanced Cupping certified. Establishing Hands On Massage shortly thereafter as Founder and CEO, Slocum provides therapeutic massage to clients while also juggling every aspect of running her business, to include administration processes and marketing.

“In this industry it’s necessary to face new challenges with positivity and continue learning every day,” Slocum said about the health and wellness arena. “Each client that comes in to my office bring issues with them specific to their lifestyle and/or medical condition, many of which are not textbook. When I’m able to help someone with their particular pain or discomfort, especially after they’ve already seen doctors and explored other options with no success, I feel a great sense of reward.”

Hands On Massage offers various types of massage for clients, including Relaxation Massage, Blended Massage, Deep Tissue, Medical, or Sports Massage, Couples Massage, Prenatal/Pregnancy, Hot Stone, and Lymphatic Drainage, as well as Reiki Ancient Healing Therapy, Facials, and a number of other treatments. Depending on the type of therapy necessary, Slocum will advise each patient how often they should come, whether it be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or on an as-needed basis.

“People that are in pain aren’t always themselves; as a massage therapist, we often see the worst side of them,” Slocum noted. “I like to think of my job as an adventure because no matter how upset or frustrated a client may be, I will still do everything possible to help them attain relief.”

Depending on the client’s insurance coverage, Hands On Massage suggests clients research whether or not they have medical massage therapy to defray costs. Hands On Massage also offer gift certificates for birthdays, special occasions, and get well gestures, and also welcomes couple massages for those that seeking a very special and unique experience.

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