Women of Distinction Magazine Selects Susan T. Brady, as a Distinguished Professional in Her Field

    PORT STANLEY, ON, December 15, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — Susan T. Brady, Owner, Speaker, and Business Coach for Susan Brady International, has been recognized as a Distinguished Professional in her field through Women of Distinction Magazine. Susan T. Brady will be featured in an upcoming edition of Women of Edition in 2016/2017.

Having spent almost two decades in the corporate world for the federal government in Canada, Susan T. Brady made the decision nearly 18 years ago that she was ready to pursue other interests, specifically direct sales within the cosmetics industry. Six years later, she was ready to continue on her journey to find something with even more meaning. Although she thoroughly enjoyed her career in sales, it led her down a path to seeking more personal growth and lifelong learning. Attending a seminar in Toronto that included five of the featured speakers from the hit movie ‘The Secret’, her path quickly became clear.

“Bob Proctor, one of the speakers, spoke of a brand new program he was developing called ‘The Science of Getting Rich’,” Brady explained. “I set a goal that day to share the stage with Bob Proctor and I studied that program almost daily and began studying with Bob once a week via conference call. One of the bonuses of this program was that you could attend a live seminar in Scottsdale, Arizona. So I hopped on a plane and off I went to Scottsdale. Again, I had the chance to see Bob live and to learn from one of the best thought leaders in the world. Within two years, I achieved my goal and went on to become Vice President of one of his largest companies, The Matrixx. After spending two years working with Bob and entrepreneurs from around the globe, a passion was reignited in me to continue toward my own dream of coaching and mentoring women and taking lessons I had learned over the past several years and share those lessons with others. The rest is history.”

Today, as a sought-after speaker and Business Coach, Brady is the proud and successful owner of Susan Brady International. Helping clients to understand what success looks like to them, she then assists them in fulfilling their vision.

“I know from experience that there are all kinds of coaches out there. I’ve personally had several coaches over the years, but I would only invest my money to work one-on-one with a high-level coach who is well connected, passionate, and not afraid to tell me what to do, and it has made all the difference. This is my goal today as a Coach as I connect with clients all over through my business, Susan Brady International.”

Known by many as the ‘Make Six Figures Working-From-Home Coach’, Brady specializes by coaching work-from-home mothers and women entrepreneurs with home-based businesses who are ready to thrive in the business world and still be able to spend quality time at home with their families. Offering three unique programs to help clients attain such financial freedom, ‘Elite VIP Coaching Program’, ‘Six-Figure Direct Sales Academy ‘, and ‘The Science of Getting Rich in Direct Sales’, Brady will personally help clients achieve business and financial goals and all the while successfully making a positive impact on loved ones.

In addition to her own business coach, Brady works with a high-level mastermind group who serves to keep her committed and gives her that little push when she needs it the most. The group is ultra-supportive and she credits much of her success to being a part of it. She, too, has personally led more than 20 different mastermind groups with people and professionals from all over the world. Additionally, Brady offers keynote speaking engagements, retreats, workshops, and customized programs for individuals, groups, and organizations alike.

“You have to understand what success looks like to you,” Brady added. “Your vision of success is totally unique and may be totally different than what your friends, peers, or even your parents think. If you don’t identify your own vision, others will try to plan and direct your life for you.”

For more information, visit www.thesusanbrady.com.

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