Youth Acknowledged on Human Rights Day

A special acknowledgement at the Church of Scientology Nashville for the Nashville youngsters who were featured in a video at the Tennessee Celebration of International Human Rights Day at the city’s First Amendment Center

The Nashville Church of Scientology held a special presentation on International Human Rights Day December 10 to acknowledge a team of young human rights advocates. The youth created a video on the 30 articles of the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), which was screened at the Tennessee Celebration of International Human Rights Day at the Nashville First Amendment Center. 

Nashville is a city of diverse cultures including Native American and Hispanic communities and a growing Middle Eastern and Asian presence. And this was reflected in the children who participated in the video on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The young advocates represent a wide variety of backgrounds, religions, races and creeds, but their message applies to all members of the human family: “you have a right to know your human rights.”

At the celebration, the children viewed the video they helped create for the first time and they learned about activities they can do in their schools and neighborhoods to promote human rights through Youth for Human Rights.

The Church of Scientology and Scientologists support Youth for Human Rights. The Creed of the Church, written in 1954 by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, begins: “We of the Church believe: That all men of whatever race, color or creed were created with equal rights.” And the Code of a Scientologist calls on all Scientologists “to support true humanitarian endeavors in the fields of human rights.”

For more information on Scientology-supported human rights activities, visit the Scientology Newsroom